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Innoscents Jade Guasha

Innoscents Jade Guasha


Jade Guasha, face massaging tool to perfectly compliment our Innoscents face oil.

🤍 Helps with lymphatic drainage, the tightening and sculpting of the face
🤍 Helps reduce inflammation
🤍 Helps to reduce stress, and tension
🤍Helps the goodness of Innoscents face oil sink deeper into the skin

Green jade is a symbol of serenity, tranquility, and purity. 

Simply use after applying your  Innoscents face oil or favourite moisturiser gently gliding it across your skin 

Cheeks: press the edge by the side of nose gliding towards your ears

Jawline: glide from jawline down to ear sweeping from middle of the chin outwards

Brow: Using the curved edges to frame your brow bone gently gliding from middle brow to hairline

Neck: in downward motions massage your neck in gliding motions from chin down to collar bone

Do what feels good! & have a little at home pamper session to really ignite your inner glow! 



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