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Bulk Eco Cleaning Supplies

Refill In-Store

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Naturally Scented

Real essential oils to add authentic aroma

Environmentally Friendly

Made and distributed with mother earth in mind

Naturally Gentle

Naturally soft for your skin

Vegan Friendly

Cruelty free

Affordable Price

Being natural shouldn't cost the earth

Locally Made

Made by local hands for local people


At Figgy & Co. we are ON A MISSION for your home to be CLEAN AND FRESH WITH LESS.

Less packaging, less irritants, less greenwashing, fewer chemicals and… NO DETERGENT! Does this mean less clean? Nope.

Our thoughtful formulations bring together ingredients that are easily recognisable, cut through grime and safe to  use.

Let’s face it, life is all about choice – and when you choose non-toxic, detergent free home cleaners, your are casting a vote for your health and for the environment.






We are your local bulk food & brewing supplies store. Organic & gluten free options, as well as all your pantry staples and extra yummies! Contribute to the zero waste shopping revolution by shopping completely plastic free. Checkout only with what you NEED, take as little or as much as you please. Bring your own jars/containers/bottles, anything goes, or use our brown paper bags to take home and refill


Jar Drop

Drop off your jars/containers in store & pick up at the end of the day!


  • Label your jars OR leave a list with product name and quantity you are wanting


  • OR if you do not have any jars we can still tend to your shopping list by using reclycled jars/paper bags

Package Delivery


Get your items delivered straight to your door!

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